‘I find Dr Ashwin Shastry’s centre to be the one of the few remaining authentic Ayurvedic Ashramas in India.

Natanaga Zhander, (Shandor Remete), Australia

m6We came to study with Dr. Ashwin. He gave his time and knowledge freely, always explaining cases to us, sharing shlokas. We appreciate how patience he has and always happy to share what he knows. The whole center has a peaceful healing quality in it. We are very grateful to have found it and times spend here.

Eleni Gevas & Erin Kerley CA, U.S.A

astridThis is truly the place where health resides. The difference I feel in my body and mind since I arrived here is hard to describe. I feel like there will be my life before Hariharapura and my life after Hariharapura.

Astrid Walsh, Austria

gregLife and the blessings of the lord are ever amazing, I am grateful for this gift which
Dr. Ashwin so often reminded me off. My prayers will be for the magic of life, health, family and friendship the Sastry family so humbly shares will radiate into the lives and hearts of many people.

Greg, U. S. A

fritzIn this nice atmosphere with the good food and lovely parents of Doctor, it makes the different feeling in accepting the treatment easily.

Fritz Rotter, Austria

dohlMy experience with Dr.  Ashwin is that it is very rare to find such authentic and genuineness. Dr.  Ashwin’s heart and soul arereally in the welfare of the patient. Thankful to

Thongriela Dahl, Sweden

emmaArogyaniketana Ashrama is a fountain of rejuvenation.’

Emma Balnaves, Australia

santhosimaHow lucky I am to experience authentic practice of Ayurveda from a very dedicated, sincere doctor like Ashwin, always ready to answer questions from the patient and so full of kindness. May all beings regain health and happiness through the knowledge of Ayurveda.

Santosima, Japan

christopherDr. Ashwin, your kindness, graciousness, care, hospitality, knowledge and spirituality are touched in my heart and consciousness forever. My life and lives of so many have been quality altered by having the opportunity to share in your generosity.

Christopher Roman, Germany

sahuIt has been a very fulfilling experience in terms of physical as well as mental healing.The atmosphere, the people and I think my “good cosmic timing” makes it an exceptional experience of my life. I am very impressed with Dr. Ashwin’s “Vaidya” capabilities,his explanation and clarificationregarding treatment procedure and further about this holistic system of medicine called “Ayurveda”.

Biswamitra Sahu, Bhuwanesvar, India

dharmamedhaYour deep love for Ayurveda & for life is wonderfully evident in the impeccability of your treatments & the compassion in your bed side manning .It is quite a thing to see some one fulfilling their Dharma.

Dharmamegha, Thailand

mollyThe gratitude i have to the shasty family that is exactly what i am speechless.This has been such an amazing & life changing experience on so many levels. I came for treatment feeling very tired& run-down.Now am leaving , feeling really wonderful and healthy

Molly O Neil, U.S.A

heatherI leave tomorrow with improved understanding of myself and pain free body.I look forward to heading home but leave with heavy heart, greatful that what i take with me from this special place will
stay with me forever.May every one come away with as much joy and awareness as i have found.I look forward to return.

Heather, Australia

I am totally speechless after 3 weeks of being here in Hariharapura because of results after treatment and Dr.  Ashwin’s
knowledge & purity. I will come back here for unleashing from my complicated state of body and mind.

Katalin Bodrogi, Hungary

A deep gratitude, to Dr. Ashwin and entire household for a truly inspiring and transformative week in Hariharapura.Firstly to Dr Ashwin for his wisdom, excellent ayurvedic diagnosis and for doing all treatment by himself. I have total trust in him and for me this is a rare.I hope this will be the 1st of many visits to Hariharapura. Am leaving feeling uplifted, inspired, grateful and happy.

Anne Mclntyre, London

I didn’t feel like I am in a hospital, instead I felt am at home, because of the hospitality given by Dr.  Ashwin and his parents.

Ganesh Prasad, Karnataka, India

Dr.  Ashwin’s knowledge and execution of Ayurvedic principles, treatments is a shining light in today’s world. After
treatment these five weeks I feel mentally and physically strong, re-inspired to continue practicing Yoga and meditation & ready to be in the world without being trampled by it.

Arundhati, Bangkok, Thailand

This is last night after an extraordinary week of treatment of Ayurvedic wonder, presided over by the gentle and perceptive Dr.  Ashwin who has the ability of noticing the seen & unseen in his patients and assists them on their path to their future. Am undertaking I meet such wonderful people as Dr.  Ashwin and his most welcoming parents and brother and his assistants and lovely people who come here.

Kate Ward. Oxford, U.K

I stayed with Dr.  Ashwin for a week and within this short span of time he treated for my back pain with utmost personal care and attention. Thank god with his healing touch am comfortable now.

Javeed Perveez, Chikmagalore, India

I was stuck with Dr. Ashwin’s dedication to the science of life known as Ayurveda. It is so rare in today’s commercial health care scene to find a true doctor, Dr. Sastry is one such person who is dedicated to the highest Vedic ideas of spiritual cultivation and this is beautifully expressed through his Dharma (health care). The care here was excellent and the staffs are wonderful. I look forward to returning.

Dharmanidhi Sarasvati, Bangkok, Thailand

Having met many traditional healers and knowing many health care systems proves to me that Dr.Ashwin is the real thing. I trust him completely. His compassion is deep and his view is wide. A real gem, in this modern era. Am thankful to know him and time spend here in his care with his family in this peaceful and beautiful Indian village.

Kiranamayi Sarasvati, Bangkok, Thailand

I believe Dr. Ashwin was the perfect teacher for me at this time in terms of learning and inspiration. It is always inspiring to meet people who are giving without ego and expect nothing in return. Am extremely grateful for Dr. Ashwin’s family for openly accepting me into their home and providing for me as their own.

Juliana Haber, CA, U.S.A