Research and Training

gurukulaAs said in great Vedas and Indian Mythology everything is subject to change with the changing of time and changing of the ruling powers. Ayurveda is no exception. Once upon a time, a highly practiced and mainstream medical system, it has now become an alternative system of medicine, even in its land of birth! It is the responsibility of true Ayurvedic physicians to bring the science back to the mainstream with proper understanding, implementation, experience, and propagation for the betterment of mankind.

Research needs to be looked at in two ways. The first, to understand and execute the already explained insights in the classical texts. The second, to find solutions for problems which are relatively less analyzed in the classical texts. As a part of research, all the cases treated are documented and analyzed on regular basis, which helps in thorough understanding of the science. Clinical discussions with teachers, students, fellow doctors and other communities will help in exchanging the relevant views and make possible optimum solutions for the problems.

Another area of interest is undertaking research and preparation of pure Ayurvedic mineral as well as herbo-mineral medicines, which have high rates of success in managing acute and complicated ailments as per tradition and which needs current research validation.
Excelling in knowledge and passing it to other aspirants is the best thing one can do for generations to come.

To build up a community with true Ayurvedic thinking and to propagate the science, centre offers training for genuinely interested Indian & foreign students in short and long term applications.